For busy parents in the Ormond Beach, Port Orange and Daytona Beach Area, the Karate for Kids – Martial Arts Summer Camp is the perfect solution! Your kids have a BLAST, learn lots of positive character lessons, improve their self-esteem and self-confidence, in a super safe and professional environment…..all while you’re at work!

No more “zombie like” starring at the TV for hours on end, or playing video games – being a sofa anchor!


2014 Karate for Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp

Week 1 – June 9th – 13th
(8:30am to 4:30pm)

Appropriate for ANYONE age 6 and Up.
No Martial Arts Experience? No Problem!

  • Fun, SUPER SAFE Environment with our Professional Staff and Instructors.
  • Daily Character and Life Skill Lessons, like “Unstoppable Self Confidence”, “Laser Sharp Focus”, “Respect for our Parents Day”, and Much More!
  • “Don’t Be Bullied” Curriculum
  • Introduction to STORM Team Training (Special Team of Role Models – A Leadership Skills Development Program for Kids!)
  • Games and Activities Kids LOVE
  • Fun and Exciting Taekwondo Workouts
  • Exclusive Camp T-Shirt
  • Graduation Performance for Friends and Family!
  • And Much, Much More!

Week 2 – August 4th – 8th
(8:30am to 4:30pm)

Appropriate for ANYONE age 6 and Up.
No Martial Arts Experience? No Problem!

  • Fun, SUPER SAFE Environment with our Professional Staff and Instructors.
  • Daily Specialized Taekwondo Training
  • Advanced Character and Leadership Lessons including, Individual Leadership Skills, Team Management Tactics and Group Leadership Strategies.
  • Safety Sparring Day, Traditional Bo Staff Day, Single Stick Day and more…
  • Fun, Experiential Games and Activities to Put what You’ve Learned to the Test!
  • Exciting, Challenging Taekwondo Workouts
  • Exclusive Camp T-Shirt
  • Graduation Performance for Friends and Family!
  • And Much, Much More!

Every Martial Arts Summer Camp Registrant ALSO Receives a
4 Week “Beginners Course” in Our Evening Martial Arts Program!





This is SOOO Much More than “Just Another” Summer Camp,
It’s the Karate for Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp!

Of Course this Camp is a Ton of FUN!

“Don’t Be Bullied” Course!

A Great Introduction to Self Defense

Fitness and Fun Go Together Here

Kickin’ it With Our Friends

Character and Leadership Lessons




Q – My child doesn’t have any karate or martial arts experience or isn’t not a Karate for Kids Student, can I still attend this day camp?

A – ABSOLUTELY! In fact, LOTS of our Black Belts got started in our program through our summer camp. This camp will be a great introduction to the martial arts!

Q – I’m new to this whole “karate” thing, is it safe?

A – Of course. Interestingly, our program not only has a long track record of safety but also of helping kids (and families) who, otherwise have self-control, self-confidence, or focus challenges make dramatic improvements in their behavior. You’ll find that this is a NON AGGRESSIVE program, focused on fun, building self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Q – What do I need to bring/send with my kids for the camp?

A – Campers should wear loose fitting clothing that they can comfortably “work out” and have fun in and sneakers.

  • Camp Begins: 8:30am (earliest drop off 8:00) – Camp Ends: 4:30 pm

  • Each day we will be walking to a very nearby park for a workout or for lunch, If your child is sensitive to sun, you may want to put on sunscreen in the morning or they can wear a cap.

  • Everyday bring a pack lunch, extra drink and snack (We will have snack time)

  • Bring all training equipment. If you do not own all or parts of the equipment, we will let you borrow what we can.

  • Leave a new phone number if you won’t be available at the ones listed on the registration sheet

  • Check to see if there are any handouts for parents at time of pick up


There will be a Graduation Ceremony at 4:00 which will include a Taekwondo demonstration and awards presentation. We hope you will join us!!! If your child is a student, on Friday only please have your child BRING their Taekwondo pants, and belt along with their camp t-shirt

**Ask about family discounts.




Here is What Parents are Saying About Our Program!

  • “In the two years plus that Levi has been taking Taekwondo (and Karate for Kids) he has really grown. His coordination, respect, and skill level have grown immensely. Levi will make a great Karate for Kids Black Belt because he has learned that it takes a lot of hard work and commitment, but most of all he has an awesome attitude! He may not have a lot of natural athletic ability and it takes him longer than most to get his technique down, but he never gives up. He always talks about having his own Karate School when he grows up. He wants to be as awesome as his instructor Mr. Milroy.”–Brian Morgan

  • “Karate for Kids Ormon Beach is the best thing I’ve ever done for my child!” –Monica (Ormond By the Sea)

  • “Our son, Charlie has for the past couple of years worked very hard in learning his martial arts. Not only has he learned skills in self-defense, but self-confidence, respect and leadership skills to list a few. We have watched our son grow mentally, physically and spiritually.”–Mr. And Mrs. Carlyle Valentin

  • The instructors are SO patient…. I can’t believe my son has made such big improvements at home and at school” –Cheri (Orange City)

  • “We truly feel that our children benefited greatly from your presentation. Your program taught them important aspects of personal safety in an effective and engaging manner. It spoke to them on a level that they could understand without being frightened or overwhelmed." –Julie Levy, Chairperson of Kol Haverim Sisterhood


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